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No matter what size the project may be, we've got the items you need to finish it.

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in the selection of your purchase and any other questions you may have. If there's an item you need that we don't have in stock, we'll go to great lengths to try and get it for you. So whether you need a new door handle, a nail gun, or a house frame, we're the right choice for you.

Our Partners

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Cincinnati, OH 45241
Formice Brand Laminates are available in an exciting selection of colors, patterns and textures. Perfect for vertical and horizontal surfaces where high style and high performance are in high demand. Durable, flexible, colorful and affordable. That’s the allure of Formica Brand Laminate.
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Auburn, ME 04210
Pionite has affordable, durable, design solutions to fit every lifestyle. Whether traditional, colorful or muted, Pionite's residential surfaces provide an incredible range of design options.
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Temple, TX 76503-6110
Start with the detail, the appearance of depth and texture, the flow of color, the play of light and shadow. Twenty-first century science and design have come together to create totally new laminate surfaces that challenge easy description or comparison.